“LVCS Parents: Petition for Interest in Discussing the future of our school with LVJUSD.”

In light of the multiple Notices of Concern, fiscal issues, and in the pursuit of an educated and transparent parent decision-making process, the following parents of students currently enrolled in TVLC’s Livermore schools request to engage with LVJUSD. The goal of the parents included herein is to, armed with accurate and detailed information, determine the best and most sound educational path for their children. Currently, the most pressing question is, “What options exist for TVLC’s Livermore students in terms of LVJUSD facilitated alternative courses of action?” The undersigned parents affirm they have signed this petition of their own accord and in the pursuit of transparency. The undersigned parents further affirm that they have children currently enrolled in LVCS or LVCP for the 2016-2017 school-year.

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