Posted to iPetitions August 1

“Thank you for choosing Acacia to educate your children. We are 100% dedicated to our students and parent community.

Unfortunately, due to a recent turn of events our schools are in danger and we need your help to keep Acacia schools open.

On Friday, July 29, 2016 the New Jerusalem School Board voted to revoke both AECS and AMCS charters due to the financial mismanagement of TVLC.

In efforts to SAVE our schools, we want to break away from TVLC and we DO NOT want TVLC to appeal the revocation as we no longer want to be associated with Tri Valley Learning Corporation.

It is important that you join with your principal, teachers and other parents to ask TVLC to release our students and our facilities and for TVLC not to appeal the revocation. Please help and sign our petition.

Your voice can make a huge IMPACT!”

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