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Two down, two to go!  LVCS and LVCP were last night, so that leaves LVJUSD and TVLC.

LVJUSD board meeting is tonight and TVLC is Thursday.

TVLC meeting is available on livestream as well and information is on the calendar.

You can view details on each of the meetings on our calendar, including agendas (download or link).


UPDATE: Meeting with Assemblywoman Catharine Baker

A meeting was held today by Mr. Matthew Weingart and Dick Corso with Assemblywoman Catharine Baker’s District Director, Cindy Chin. There was very thoughtful dialogue. Ms. Chin listened keenly, took many notes and indicated that she would be getting the Assemblywoman up to speed. She also stated that follow-up would occur on some items specifically as relates to TVLC. One of those items was a follow-up with State Superintendent Torlakson and Alameda County Office of Education.

Director Chin recommended that parent involvement, including email notes and meeting attendance is a very good thing.

It would not be an underestimation to note that the Assemblywoman’s team is keeping aware. Ms. Chin noted that there “seems to be an article almost daily” about TVLC.

TVLC staff and board of directors would do well to listen as well, care about the opinions of their constituents and consider responding with action to address concerns that have been brought up.

Thankfully LVJUSD, NJESD, state politicians and state agencies care. Show them you do by sending emails to them. Those emails are making it through and getting us on their radar. Even a very short note. “I’m concerned about the schools my kids go to. I am a parent of LVCS, LVCP, AECS or AMCS.”

Thank you for caring about the outcome.

Special meeting tomorrow!

There was a special meeting announced today with the topic, resolution to pull the permit for the parking lot at 3090 Independence Drive!!!

May 17, 2016
6:30 pm

It will be held in the LVCS library if there aren’t many people attending, but that won’t happen, will it?

If there are loads of us showing up in solidarity (which there will), they’ll likely move it to the LVCS dining hall.

Please show up if you can! Thanks!

#dragonstrong #hawkstrong #jaguarstrong #cheetahstrong


Town Hall tonight!!! sign up for childcare!

Town hall is tonight, all you dragons, jaguars, cheetahs and hawks!! Let’s get our game faces on and get out to the town center – or in this case, the LVCS Dining Hall!!!


Dr. Lysko sent out an email yesterday urging everyone to submit their questions ahead of time. Here was her email:

Good evening TVLC parents and community,

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of our Town Hall event tomorrow evening, May 11, 7:00 PM at LVCS in the dining hall. This is the first of a series of town hall events. The focus of this week’s meeting will be an overview on finance . Please submit your questions in advance at the link below.

We are diligently working with our new back office team and will do everything in our power to answer general questions. The new team is working round the clock developing new budgets for all our schools. As those budgets become available, you will see line-item specificity at your site council meetings in the very near future. All budgets and LCAPs will be coming to the board for action in June.

Thank you and hope to see you there.
Lynn Lysko Ed.D.
Interim C.E.O.
Tri-Valley Learning Corporation

Please be sure to visit that link and submit those questions – remember, her email mentions that the topic is finance.

Please be there, tell  your friends to be there, and tell them that there’s childcare!  No excuse not to be there for lack of childcare because it’s covered if you sign up here:  (Thanks, LVCS!).

See you tonight!

Meetings this week!!

Please keep an eye on the calendar  for the meetings this week, and as we obtain agendas, we’ll post them here.  Please try and attend as many meetings as you can, especially the Town Hall on Monday! Thanks!

TVLC board meeting recap – new board member and more

Last night at the TVLC Board meeting (April 28, 2016), Tristan Pico was voted onto the board by a unanimous vote (5 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain). Tristan has worked on countless committees and boards, put in endless volunteer hours, headed up projects and makes it a point to understand details, rules and bylaws. But most importantly, she puts the students and teachers first.

We look forward to the insight, diligence and experience Tristan brings to the board. We thank the TVLC BOD for voting her on.

Congratulations, Tristan!

Maria Smith, CCEF President, publicly commented that April CCEF funds will not be turned over to TVLC until trust and confidence is restored.

TVLC has also posted listing for CEO on EdJoin. Attached is a CEOJobDescription_Final-20160420163503.

The parking lot contract is being taken over by the co-tenant.

The board took action on authorizing a drafting of amending the TVLC bylaws to allow school council appointments at any time during the school year, not to exceed maximum number currently proscribed.

Derek Austin resigned effective May 31.  Dr. Lysko indicated need to engage a replacement legal firm.

Dr. Lysko met with bankers and signatories changed to reflect current employees (2 signatures required for all checks henceforth).

TVLC board motioned and approved authority for Dr. Lysko to sign back office support contract (with CSMC).

Dr. Lysko indicated that a response to the TVLC Notice of Concern 4.19.2016 would be forthcoming and posted to the TVLC website today under corporate documents.





Here we go

This is the launch of the website but certainly not the beginning of the work a diligent group of parents started. They have been working hard to collect information, research and data to save our schools. Stay tuned, join us, and help save our charters!

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