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TVLC BOD meeting Thursday

Thursday’s TVLC BOD meeting is in Stockton (7:30 pm) so start coordinating those carpools. There are a number of items on the closed session  portion of the agenda that folks should go and consider commenting on:

  • Public employee evaluation – CEO
  • Conference with legal counsel – existing litigation (various, including revocation of Acacia charter revocations
  • Conference with real property negotiators
  • …. AND – public employee appointment for
    • CEO
    • LVCS Principal

Here is the agenda. 2016.07.28 Regular Agenda

City of Livermore meeting tonight

The latest NOC has been released, and the City of Livermore is meeting on the topic tonight.  see item 4.12 and click on the associated links below the item to read background.

Monday, July 25, 2016


  • NOC LVJUSD to TVLC unpaid debts and obligations – Notice of Concern from LVJUSD to TVLC regarding unpaid debts and obligations, dtd July 22, 2016 – NOC cites “TVLC’s failure to meet its financial obligations has been continuing and well documented.”:
    • Los Positas College
    • Employee Retirement Accounts
    • Delinquent Payment of Statutory Oversight Fee to District
    • Delinquent Vendor Payments
    • TVLC 2014-2015 Audit Rejection
    • Pending Judicial Foreclosure for Delinquent Special Taxes on 23 Parcels of Real Property in Livermore (excess of $283,593.00)

For immediate release: Acacia Charter Schools Petition Stockton Unified School District to Authorize Schools

Download here or visit here.

Stockton Unified School District to Authorize Acacia Schools _ Tri-Valley Learning Corporation July 21 2016_Page_1

Stockton Unified School District to Authorize Acacia Schools _ Tri-Valley Learning Corporation July 21 2016_Page_2

Update on WASC – LVCP

Hawk families received the following letter today related to LVCP’s WASC accreditation.  See below or download PDF here.  See the related Notice of Concern here.
Update 7/21/2016: TVLC has responded to the NOC, see the document here.

Update: The Independent has reported on the news.

LVCP letter regarding WASC July 20 2016_Page_1

LVCP letter regarding WASC July 20 2016_Page_2

Busy summer. Not in a good way.

Be sure to check out the most recent additions to the site, which include additions to the following pages:




Upcoming meetings are on the calendar (LVCP site council and TVLC board meetings).

Hang in there.

“Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end.”

Sign the Petition! Keep Acacia Schools Open!

Unfortunately, the Acacia schools are in danger, and we need your help on Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. That night, the New Jerusalem Elementary School District Board will be considering a vote to close our schools.

Your voice can make a huge difference.

It is important that you join with your principal, teachers, and other parents on July 7th, and ask New Jerusalem School District to keep our Acacia schools open. Please help and sign our petition.

Big Night for our Educators and Support Team

At last night’s TVLC special board meeting, the teachers all stood as Ms. Winter read a statement announcing their collective decision to unionize, a decision we are all sure was not taken lightly but one taken with great care so that they can serve their students. After the letter was read, a large group of parents (possibly a majority in attendance) stood to applaud. It was an emotional moment.

The legal threshold to start a union, we understand, was 50% + 1 for all of TVLC employees. Included in the union is classified employees such as custodial, clerical, para-educators, etc. They report that they had the support of more than 65% of LVCS and LVCP employees and while they didn’t get Acacia signatures, the numbers from Acacia were included to reach the legal threshold.

Here is the letter the teachers distributed to the audience. You can download the PDF here.



Important meetings!

Check out the calendar this week!

  • TVLC tonight (Monday) at 5:30 pm (teachers have asked attendees to wear black in solidarity)
  • Tomorrow (Tuesday), Acacia Charter Schools are holding a Town Hall.
  • Our schools need your help!

Please be there to support our students and teachers!


View the calendar here and be at one or both meetings this week. At least view the TVLC livestream tonight (Monday) and if you know of anyone attending, get them your questions and they can ask on your behalf during public comments.


NJESD meeting agenda posted

An interesting item – # VIII.

Notice of intent to revoke.

NJESD Meeting Thursday June 23 2016 630 pm




Today was a big day in the LVCS family. Families received an email from Principal Aderman alerting them she resigned.

We wish Principal Aderman nothing but best wishes in whatever she does, wherever she goes. She has been a great leader, excellent power of example and fantastic administrator. She has been there for the students and the teachers, and her email alerting families reflects her care and dedication.

While the Dragons will miss her daily presence, she has left behind so much that will remain – attitude, hope, joy and love of learning.



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