Correspondence to boards & councils – all following are in the public record.

Letters or comments from the public or city council members to councils & TVLC Board

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Cure and Correct Follow-Up Brown Act June 1 Acree

BOD Agenda Request 603 June 3 KK



RE Special Meeting agenda June 8 KK

06.10.2016 sleggat regarding the identity theft of LVCP

6.14.2016 Just a little sacrifice dcorso – to TVLC BOD and LVCP council

06.14.2016 again regarding the identity theft of LVCP sleggat

06.18.2016 LNiles Are you happy now_

TVLC-LVCS-LVCP Teachers Unionize June 27 2016

One Corporation One Family June 28 2016 dcorso

Principal Interview June 29 2016 KK