At last night’s TVLC special board meeting, the teachers all stood as Ms. Winter read a statement announcing their collective decision to unionize, a decision we are all sure was not taken lightly but one taken with great care so that they can serve their students. After the letter was read, a large group of parents (possibly a majority in attendance) stood to applaud. It was an emotional moment.

The legal threshold to start a union, we understand, was 50% + 1 for all of TVLC employees. Included in the union is classified employees such as custodial, clerical, para-educators, etc. They report that they had the support of more than 65% of LVCS and LVCP employees and while they didn’t get Acacia signatures, the numbers from Acacia were included to reach the legal threshold.

Here is the letter the teachers distributed to the audience. You can download the PDF here.