The Charter Management Organization, Tri-Valley Learning Corporation (TVLC) has been the subject of recent news articles, letters from parents and the community and parent calls to action in public meetings. Why? TVLC has received Notices of Violation and Notices of Concern for all four of its schools: Livermore Valley Charter School (LVCS), Livermore Valley Charter Prep (LVCP), Acacia Elementary Charter School (AECS), and Acacia Middle Charter School (AMCS).

The notices have come from the Charter Authorizers TVLC chose to work with to oversee operations of our schools. The Authorizer for LVCS and LVCP is Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD); the Authorizer for AECS and AMCS is New Jerusalem Elementary School District (NJESD).

The items covered on the combined notices range from questions about health and safety issues, to lack of credentials of a small number of teachers, to allegations of financial mismanagement and possible  conflicts of interest. In the midst of dealing with those actions, a large group of TVLC teachers received notice on April 14, 2016 that their paychecks would be delayed. After significant appropriate reaction from both the teachers and the parent community, TVLC corrected that situation. However, the fear of it happening again has left teachers and parents cautious about the financial stability of TVLC.

During this same time period, TVLC has had to withdraw its petition to open a new Charter School in Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) because of concerns expressed by the staff of EGUSD.

If we do nothing as a community, if TVLC does not take action to address items that are correctable, and if the situation does not improve, there are steps that could be taken by Authorizers to revoke the charters of those schools. The corporate framework in which these great schools are currently operating could jeopardize their futures.

The action needed is your involvement to help reform what parents once created.

Part of that reform is to create accountability at the corporate level including the TVLC Board of Directors and the TVLC Executive Team. Without reform, we are in jeopardy of losing charters. Please join in helping to reform our charter schools. Help make them a place where the education and safety of the kids is the primary goal and that the goal is achieved with fiscally responsible management of taxpayer dollars.

Consider joining our efforts by visiting this link and adding your email. There is strength in numbers!

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Welcome to the effort to Reform Our Charter Schools.