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LVJUSD Board Meeting tomorrow night

The district is meeting tomorrow night and TVLC is on the agenda. Try and attend if you can.


TYPE: Regular Board Meeting
DATE: 8/23/2016 TIME: 5:00 PM
LOCATION: 685 East Jack London Boulevard, Livermore, CA 94551
The Regular Board Meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. The Closed Session Meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m.


Visit the calendar item for the time, location and documents to read up before you go.


LVCS Town Hall on YouTube

In case you missed the LVCS Town Hall on August 17th, you’re in luck!  Watch the whole thing here!


Released today by NJESD – continues oversight role with Acacia Charters

MEDIA RELEASE -- District continues oversight... 8.10.16

Download here.


This week is busy

Summer flew by, it seems! Hope you got to enjoy some fun in the sun while supporting the charter schools!

This week is full of meetings so choose one and let’s represent! LVCS and LVCP site councils both meet (LVCP Monday, LVCS Tuesday) and TVLC has a special meeting (Monday).  See the calendar for the info.

If you didn’t make it to the town hall at LVCP last week, here’s the video, the entire two hours. It was informative and the Q&A session was helpful.

And finally, if you are looking for the information on the TRO, you’ll find that information on the Legal Docs page.

Petition to Keep AECS/AMCS Open

Posted to iPetitions August 1

“Thank you for choosing Acacia to educate your children. We are 100% dedicated to our students and parent community.

Unfortunately, due to a recent turn of events our schools are in danger and we need your help to keep Acacia schools open.

On Friday, July 29, 2016 the New Jerusalem School Board voted to revoke both AECS and AMCS charters due to the financial mismanagement of TVLC.

In efforts to SAVE our schools, we want to break away from TVLC and we DO NOT want TVLC to appeal the revocation as we no longer want to be associated with Tri Valley Learning Corporation.

It is important that you join with your principal, teachers and other parents to ask TVLC to release our students and our facilities and for TVLC not to appeal the revocation. Please help and sign our petition.

Your voice can make a huge IMPACT!”

Sign here.


Divide and Conquer!

Update: 2:23 pm August 3, 2016 TVLC Meeting cancelled

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It may be hump day but the end of the day is the 2nd hump of the metaphorical camel so hydrate and get your caffeine and carb intake, whatever you need! Let’s go, dragons and hawks! Let’s get to both of these and represent!

There are two meetings tonight (see the full calendar for both), a special TVLC board meeting and one at LVCP – a town hall Q&A with Mr. Dillie, per his email to Hawks on July 31, 2016:

I apologize for the long phone call on Friday; I tried to shorten it as much as possible!  I will be leading an informational town hall this Wednesday in the LVCP MPR, details below.  There is a lot of information spreading around the community, some of it is accurate and some of it is not.  At a work function, my wife was actually asked if I was okay and is LVCP closing?  The person who asked has no connection to our schools; clearly, the community is watching.


We will get into a lot of information on Wednesday but I wanted to be clear about a couple of things up front:

  • LVCP is not closing
  • LVCP is WASC accredited
  • The WASC committee’s ruling on our appeal in January 2017 will not impact the Class of 2017’s eligibility to attend colleges in the UC / CSU system. We have documented correspondence with the UC Admissions department and an official letter will be provided to LVCP the second week of August stating as much.
  • TVLC staff is addressing the financial problems left to it by the previous executives


I am planning to cover a lot of ground during the town hall and we will have a question and answer opportunity.  Several documents will be uploaded to the LVCP website in the next couple of days that you can review prior to the meeting.


As I said in the phone call on Friday, I am confident that LVCP will pull through this and calmer heads will prevail.  Remember what made you choose LVCP in the first place, it still exists and will continue to exist.


I sincerely appreciate all the positive feedback and words of encouragement as well as the constructive criticism and willingness to question. I’ve been given a tremendous amount of hugs, kind words, and genuine affection.  We have issues and problems to solve, and they will be solved!


Enjoy your evening!





Town Hall


Where – LVCP MPR

When – Wednesday August 3rd

Time – 7:00pm-8:00pm


*Parking is limited; the back will be available for parking and please consider car-pooling.

*The Town Hall is being recorded and will be posted to the TVLC YouTube page on Thursday

Acacia charters revoked

The New Jerusalem Elementary School District school board voted Friday to revoke the charters of Acacia Elementary Charter School and Acacia Middle Charter School because of issues surrounding fiscal management, said Superintendent David Thoming. – East Bay Times

That means some 650 students will need to find new schools to attend as early as next week. –


Come to the Town Hall on Wednesday and ask your questions regarding the future of LVCP.




Meetings tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night, there is a TVLC Board meeting as well as an LVCP site council meeting. Try to attend one or both if you can!

Here are the agendas for both.

LVCP School Council Meeting
3090 Independence Drive, Livermore, CA
Thursday, July 28, 2016
5:30 PM


TVLC Regular Board Meeting
1605 E. March Lane, Stockton CA 95210
Thursday, July 28, 2016
7:30 pm
2016.07.28 Regular Agenda

2016.07.28 Board Packet

LVCS Parents – Petition

“LVCS Parents: Petition for Interest in Discussing the future of our school with LVJUSD.”

In light of the multiple Notices of Concern, fiscal issues, and in the pursuit of an educated and transparent parent decision-making process, the following parents of students currently enrolled in TVLC’s Livermore schools request to engage with LVJUSD. The goal of the parents included herein is to, armed with accurate and detailed information, determine the best and most sound educational path for their children. Currently, the most pressing question is, “What options exist for TVLC’s Livermore students in terms of LVJUSD facilitated alternative courses of action?” The undersigned parents affirm they have signed this petition of their own accord and in the pursuit of transparency. The undersigned parents further affirm that they have children currently enrolled in LVCS or LVCP for the 2016-2017 school-year.

Click to go to petition and sign.

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